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    28 Seagate, Dundee, DD1 2EQ

    4 City Square, Dundee, DD1 3BA

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  • Dundee's Independent Coffee House

    100% independent and 100% dedicated to raising the standard when it comes to making great coffee.

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Our Drinks

Our drinks range from all-time coffee classics to the house specialities, creamy hot chocolates to refreshing fruit crushes, calming herbal teas to indulgent milkshakes and frappes - to suit every taste!


Our Food

Be it breakfast, lunch, or a sweet snack in between - our food menu is catered to all needs and occasions.


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Independent Coffee House

Independent Coffee House

"Serving up some of the best coffee in town, Henry’s Coffee House is a great place to while away an hour or two people-watching through the floor-to-ceiling windows."

"This independent coffee shop is a pleasant alternative to the corporate chains..."

"Cosy in the winter and with outdoor seating for summer sunshine, it’s popular year-round."

Our Promise

Our Promise

We take our pride in being a 100% independent coffee shop, dedicated to serving high quality coffee at affordable prices.

Coffee That Cares

Coffee That Cares

Henry's Coffee House has a long-standing reputation for hosting fundraising events and collaborating with the charity. So you can keep your morals in check while enjoying a fine cup of coffee!